Why This Blog?

Since a long time I was thinking about being a blogger, but as many of people, I have not any specific idea about what I should write. Tell two weeks ago, things with me starts to happen and I hope it will bring changes to my life to a better situation.

grview-29307-1Before I going on, I would like to say to my readers, I am sorry for my weak English. I based in Germany, and neither Germany or English is not my First language. So this will be my first challenge which I will go in, whatever is your opinions in my style of writing. but I will try to improve it day by day and month by month.

So, Why I write this Blog, I just want to but my things, thoughts, activities and life experience online to review myself and maybe to find some interesting people will communicate with me later with sharing thoughts or ideas.

About what this Blog? at the first line, it’s about nothing and everything, basically: learning and testing my knowledge in some things that I want to learn and improve my qualification on it. PHP programming, Lifestyle,  languages… etc

Why does it call PHaP instead of PHP? because in Germany they have this pronounce for PHP.

Okay! What happens last two weeks with you?

After a long time of searching, finally, I found an opportunity to get in the job market in Germany as a programmer, although I didn’t study computer science or relevant specialist, but I have enough experience to go on this. so it is my chance to prove myself, and that why I need to write something helping me to get my goals successfully.

We don’t understand you? I may understand your non-understanding for me. but maybe later it will be more clear if you will flow me.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and let’s start!





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